Life at Ashby & Geddes

The founders of the firm, and those that have joined them since, have held to the philosophy that intelligent, creative, self-starters, who genuinely enjoy working together, will band together, roll up their sleeves, and provide a level of professional service that, second to none.  It is the firm’s philosophy that maintains that these same characteristics lead to a professional environment that enables and encourages the development of personal and community commitments as well.  These founding principles drive both the firm’s hiring practices and a lawyer’s professional development at the firm.


Life as an Associate

Ashby & Geddes prides itself on being a lean firm that delivers quality client relations and results without being tethered to a billable rate.  The lawyers within the firm know when a particular case or matter requires long hours and willingly work the necessary hours because they know that the firm encourages the use of the same professional judgment in setting priorities for family, friends and community.


  • Comprehensive Growth Experience. Associates at Ashby & Geddes work closely with the firm’s seasoned practitioners.  Within an Associate’s first few years at the firm, they generally receive assignments from all of the firm’s practice areas.  As a result, an associate’s true interests and talents become both clearer and more developed and an associate finds that he or she works routinely more with one practice group in a natural progression on a self-selected basis.  Because the director-to-associate ratio is roughly 1:1, many matters are staffed by one or two directors and a single associate.  That dynamic means that even the newest associates have day-to-day interaction with directors, co-counsel and clients.


  • Mentoring and Coaching. The firm’s directors take it as a personal responsibility to the profession to coach the firm’s more junior associates in all areas of their professional development.  Mentoring occurs in all of the associate’s daily interactions–whether in an impromptu office conference discussing case strategy, a review of an assignment completed by an associate or at the “A&G table” at a local restaurant.  For these reasons, Ashby & Geddes purposefully hires only a small number of associates each year because the firm extends offers only to those candidates who have the potential to become a director and shareholder of the firm.


  • Given the firm’s desire to hire from among the best and brightest, Ashby & Geddes has committed to paying its associates a salary that is competitive both regionally and nationally. The current starting salary for a first year associate is $145,000.  The salary is typically augmented by a merit-based bonus at the end of the year.  The firm also provides a number of other benefits at no cost to its associates, including comprehensive health and dental insurance (individual or family coverage as needed), participation in a 401(k) retirement plan with a substantial matching contribution by the firm and all costs associated with the Delaware bar examination and professional fees.




Associate Hiring

Ashby & Geddes conducts on campus interviews at a number of law schools each year.  In addition, the firm welcomes applications from any law student, judicial clerk or lateral-hire applicant that believes he or she would enjoy and contribute to the firm’s practice and working environment.  Interested candidates should send their resume to the individuals noted below. [link to Hiring Process]


Summer Program

Ashby & Geddes hires largely from a pool of candidates who have spent a summer at the firm.  Because the firm is engaged in sophisticated litigation matters, it looks to hire promising law students who we believe will fit well into the Ashby & Geddes family and philosophy.  Typically, the firm hires rising 3-L summer associates that exhibit a keen intellect, superior writing skills and the sense of drive so important to its practice.  In addition, of course, the practice looks for a multi-dimensional character with hobbies or interests outside of work that will give balance to their lives.


As a summer associate, one will experience life as any relatively new associate at the firm.  Summer Associates will be given the same assignments typically given to first or second year associates and will have the opportunity to observe all facets of the litigation practice in Delaware—whether in the District Court, the Bankruptcy Court or the Court of Chancery.  There is also ample opportunity to get to know all of the firm’s lawyers on a social level at outings that are tailored each summer to the interests of the current summer associates.  A summer associate’s compensation is based on the salary of a first-year associate.


Hiring Process

Ashby & Geddes generally conducts on campus interviews at a number of law schools each year.  In addition, the firm welcomes applications from any law student, judicial clerk or lateral-hire applicant that believes he or she would enjoy and contribute to the firm’s practice and working environment.  Interested candidates should send their resume to:


You are invited to explore career opportunities at Ashbey & Geddes.  Interested candidates should send their resume to:


Richard D. Heins
500 Delaware Avenue
P.O. Box 1150
Wilmington, Delaware 19899
Telephone: 302-654-1888
Fax: 302-654-2067
Email: rheins@ashbygeddes.com


Recruiting Contact:
Ms. Katina Tsaganos
Recruiting Coordinator
500 Delaware Avenue, 8th Floor
P.O. Box 1150
Wilmington, Delaware (DE) 19899

Telephone: 302-654-1888

Email: ktsaganos@ashbygeddes.com



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Ashby & Geddes is best known for its litigation expertise. We litigate in all state and federal courts in Delaware, representing clients ranging from Fortune 500 corporations to individuals. In addition to our general litigation practice, Ashby & Geddes has a substantial corporate reorganization and insolvency practice, and we regularly provide transactional and opinion services to local, national, and international clients in connection with matters involving Delaware law.

Ashby & Geddes is rated AV by Martindale-Hubbell, the highest ranking available to law firms, and Chambers USA: America’s Leading Lawyers for Business (2016) ranks Ashby & Geddes among the leading firms in Delaware in the areas of bankruptcy/restructuring, Chancery litigation, and intellectual property litigation. Please visit our website at www.ashbygeddes.com for further information.